Chai Vanilla Bean Shortbread

You may have noticed from other recipes that I love chai tea. Chai lattes, plain chai, chai cake, chai panna cotta, chai body scrub, chai ice cream, it’s all wonderful. The warm, toasty, comforting spices – cinnamon, cloves, ginger, cardamom, and coriander – makes a cozy blend that’s perfect for winter. And since I’m a huge fan of chai, I obviously needed to put it … Continue reading Chai Vanilla Bean Shortbread

Lavender Cookies (London Fog Glaze)

Soap, detergent, pot pourri, perfume, healing remedy and now…cookies? Oh yeah, the cookie monster would be stoked on this one. Give those chocolate chip cookies a break and swtich it up with these lavender cookies! These are chewy, soft and have a gentle hint of lavender with beautiful purple flakes throughout that will leave any cookie monsters in your life happy! Okay, so the dirty … Continue reading Lavender Cookies (London Fog Glaze)


Is there anything more delicious to look forward to than a cup of tea and fresh out of the oven cookies? I think the heck not! When I make cookies, I want the recipe to be quick and easy so I can get those cookies in my stomach as fast as possible! *Queue cookie monster* I’m honestly drooling thinking about making and eating these cookies. … Continue reading WHITE CHOCOLATE ORANGE COOKIES