Rhubarb Pie

I doubt my parents neighbour is reading this…but Brenda if you are…thank you for all the beautiful rhubarb from your garden. I have no idea how she does it, but she always has the most beautiful fruit and vegetable garden, and she’s always incredibly generous with sharing the wealth! Anyways, my mom always does really fun things with rhubarb, she’s very creative.  To be honest, I … Continue reading Rhubarb Pie


Is there anything more delicious to look forward to than a cup of tea and fresh out of the oven cookies? I think the heck not! When I make cookies, I want the recipe to be quick and easy so I can get those cookies in my stomach as fast as possible! *Queue cookie monster* I’m honestly drooling thinking about making and eating these cookies. … Continue reading WHITE CHOCOLATE ORANGE COOKIES