Blueberry Sauce with Orange & Rum

A rich, thick and tangy blueberry sauce perfect for brunch or desserts!

  • 2 cups frozen blueberries
  • 2 tbsp. orange zest
  • 1 large orange, juiced
  • 2 tbsp. white rum
  • 2 tbsp. sugar

Add frozen blueberries, orange zest, orange juice, rum and sugar to a large pot. Stir over medium heat until the sauce begins to boil. Once the sauce is boiling, use your spatula or spoon to break some of the blueberries up. Reduce the heat and simmer uncovered for 10-15 minutes until the blueberries have burst and the sauce is thickened to your desire.

Serve warm over waffles, pancakes, cheesecake or ice cream. Keeps well in an airtight container for a week.



What do you all think of the new layout? Recipe first, Danica’s blabber second. I’m not exactly sure how I feel about it quite yet. I always put tips in the jibber jabber so I think it’s a good idea to read through it, but if you’re someone that gets annoyed by all the reading first and just skips through it, then you’re probably excited! Speaking of Danica’s blabber I’m ready to blabber about this blueberry sauce!

I LOVE orange and blueberry. It’s a pretty classic combo, and one that I was excited to bust out for a “brunch for two!” morning. Alongside mimosas and pastries, having fruit on your waffles or pancakes makes your breakfast extra special, doesn’t it? I mean I love good ol’ syrup and butter (which I still add on even with the sauce), but c’mon – whip cream and fruit sauce? Fuggetaboutit.

This sauce is incredibly easy to make so there’s really no excuse to not make it for your next fun breakfast or ice cream night. What I love about this sauce is that there is no cornstarch! NO CORNSTARCH GUYS!! The little bit of sugar helps to thicken it just the right amount! I love using cornstarch for all sorts of things but sometimes I stress using it in sauces trying to make sure there are no lumps and that my slurry is good enough. And then sometimes I add too much slurry and then the sauce is too thick then it’s a game of tag between adding more liquid and adding more slurry and then suddenly you have 6,000 cups of gravy when you only needed half a cup. So really, if I don’t need it, I don’t use it. It does take a few more minutes to make than it’s cornstarch counterpart, but it’s an extra 5 minutes so it gives you time to dance to one more Spice Girls song while it cooks.

What I love about this sauce too is you don’t need extra liquid. Between the frozen blueberries, the rum, and the orange juice – it has enough liquid that you don’t need to water it down with anything else. Awesome, right?

The sweetness of the blueberries with the acidity of the orange juice and the kick from the rum makes this plain old blueberry sauce an extra special treat! You could totally swap out the rum for cointreau or grand marnier….or you could get really crazy and add tequila! I opted for no tequila because it wasn’t that kind of a Sunday morning, but hey – get wild!

I like to smash some of the blueberries with my spatula to add a bit of texture, but be cautious that you don’t smash all of them otherwise it’ll be one big glob. You want to keep some berries in tact and some smashed to add lots of texture. The smashed berries will also help to thicken the sauce.

If I had one more tip to give you about making blueberry sauce it would be to not use a wooden spoon. Anyone who knows me knows that I am very passionate about wooden spoons (must be the Italian in me!) but I have ruined too many of them by using them to stir cranberry and blueberry sauces. Go for the spatula and save yourself the pain of losing one of your wooden cooking soldiers in the berry battle. And no, you can’t scrub it out. I’ve tried.

This sauce can be made ahead and be served warm or cold. And besides being an awesome addition to brunch tables (I can’t wait to eat the leftovers – ugh!), this sauce would also be amazing on top of vanilla ice cream, panna cotta (yum!) or…*drum roll*…cheesecake! Oh yes, a good thicc boi slice of NY style cheesecake topped with the deliciousness of this sauce? I would die for it.

This sauce is:

  • Quick and easy to make;
  • Makes any brunch/dessert taste and look more special;
  • Versatile, add more zest, use a berry mix or swap out different booze!;
  • Sweet, tart and rich;
  • Delicious (duh);
  • Healthy if you forget the fact that there’s booze and sugar in it. Focus on the positive – it’s fruit!
  • Delicious;
  • Make ahead friendly;
  • Did I mention it’s QUICK AND EASY!

Considering the recipe is now at the top so you can avoid all the jibber jabber and just use my recipe, if you voluntarily chose to read all my blabber and made it this far into the post – I’m proud of you! And also thank you! I like to think that my mindless chatter will brighten someone’s day! 🙂

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